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Kyoto’s Public Student Dorms for International Students: Pricing, Applications & Making Japanese Friends

Recommended for those who want to keep their private lives to themselves: group housing with other international students

Next up is something a little different: not exactly a dorm, but a housing facility geared towards students.

Facility Name: Mukaijima Gakusei Center
Address: 104-1 Takaba-cho Mukaijima, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8133
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Top 10 Questions Students Want Answered!

1. How do international students go about entering group housing? Is there a set period for application? Many students may not speak much Japanese before living here…what kind of support is available in English?

Students may apply for residency via the school they attend. There is no pre-determined application time period, and students may move in once a room opens up. Rest at ease knowing that an English-speaking staff member is permanently stationed in the administrative office.

2. Will students be living together with Japanese students?

There are Japanese students living in the facilities, too, and international students will have opportunities to interact with these local students when events are held.

3. How much does it cost? Are there other initial fees besides rent?

Rent is 25,000 yen per month, plus a monthly facility upkeep fee of 3,000 yen. Electricity fees are paid on an individual basis directly to the electric company. Water and gas fees are included in the facility upkeep fee, and internet is provided for free. An initial deposit of 28,000 yen is required upon entry, as well as rent for the move-in month, paid for the number of days since move-in.

4. Are there any limits on the length of time one can live in the facility?

As long as you are enrolled in a university, there is no particular limit on length of stay.

5. Does the facility have any particular rules, like a curfew, dorm groups, cleaning responsibilities, etc?

There is no curfew, and there are no groups or cleaning leaders.

6. Is it possible to see the facility in advance, before moving in?

Potential residents may come see the facilities at any time during our weekday business hours. Please make a reservation in advance.

7. Are there private rooms? To what extent are the bathrooms, kitchen, etc. shared spaces?

All rooms are private, and include their own bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, and appliances. Shared spaces include a lounge, study room, table tennis room, two piano rooms, a party room, shared kitchen, and there is also a tennis court that may be used for free.

8. Are meals included, and/or can residents cook their own meals?

Meals are not provided. There are several grocery stores nearby, and rooms are equipped with kitchens, so residents may cook for themselves. There is a convenience store on the grounds, and vending machines are available within the building.

9Are there any events held at the facilities?

We hold many events, not least of which being the spring and fall welcome parties, as well as table tennis tournaments, lessons in kimono dressing and tea ceremony, and many more. Throughout the year, ikebana, calligraphy, and Japanese classes are also held, giving students the chance to study Japanese language and culture while living here!

10. Is there anything else students should know about the merits of living in the Mukaijima Gakusei Center? Please share a welcome message for international students.

At Mukaijima Gakusei Center, because all of our rooms are private, students are able to maintain their privacy, all within an environment in which international students and research scholars from over thirty countries around the world can interact with one another freely. Our administrative room is staffed by an English-speaking staff member, and a staff member specializing in our facility equipment, who are available for students to consult with should they encounter any troubles in their day-to-day lives. The facility also has high security, including permanent security staff and a female-only building.



Comments from an International Student Living in Mukaijima Gakusei Center

Name: Ma Wenlon
Country: China

1. How did you hear about Mukaijima Gakusei Center?

I was referred by the international student department at my university.

2. What was the best part of living in a dorm?

I really enjoyed participating in the different events they had throughout the year.

3. Do you think you learned something while living at Mukaijima Gakusei Center, or by participating in its events?

The application process was very smooth, and the room came completely furnished and with appliances, so everything was very easy for me right after I moved in. I think the best think about the Gakusei Center is how kind the staff are: they always consider the residents’ perspective, and offer whatever advice or support you may need. When you go to the lounge, you feel very welcomed, and you can hang out with residents from many different countries, so you’re never lonely even though you’re living on your own. With events like the welcome party, I made lots of friends across borders.

4. Please share a welcome message for international students who may come to live in Mukaijima Gakusei Center in the future.

For international students, and students who can’t speak much Japanese, Mukaijima Gakusei Center is a really convenient and comfortable place to live. The staff will respond to your concerns in earnest, and there are a lot of events. If you want to make friends, there’s the welcome party; if you’re interested in Japanese culture there are ikebana lessons, and for those who like sports, there’s the table tennis tournament, and so on…you can join events based on your interests, or even plan your own event. Even when you leave Japan someday, you can call Mukaijima Gakusei Center your second home. Welcome!


Each facility or dorm has its own events, opportunities to make friends, and student support systems.

If you’re interested in any of these Kyoto dorms, please take a look at each of their websites!