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Local and International Networking

Kyoto has an exceptionally wide variety of international students, and the city offers many opportunities for these students to interact.

Breakdown of international students that come to Kyoto


International students living in Kyoto can interact with other students from some 140 countries.
There are many opportunities to interact with Japanese students or the community through the following events, volunteering opportunities, and club activities.

Kokoka Family Program

This program provides a means for Japanese families living in Kyoto to provide lifestyle support to international students as advisors and deepen mutual understanding between the two. Information about the kokoka Family Program will be provided at match meetings held twice a year (in the Spring and Fall).

»Kokoka Family Program

Student exchange events

The above outlines some of the opportunities for international students to interact with one another in Kyoto, but there are many more. Take advantage of them to make friends and have a fulfilling experience as an international student.

Kyoto Gakusei Saiten (Kyoto Intercollegiate Festa)(Japanese Only)

As event organizers, students from Kyoto-area universities participate in this, the first city-wide festival to have been organized by students. The festival is open to students of all universities and academic years, and is planned, funded, and advertised jointly by local governments, corporations, and universities.
The Sodefure International Community, an organization in which international students participate, plans opportunities for exchange that include students and international students experiencing traditional culture together.
»Kyoto Gakusei Saiten (Kyoto Intercollegiate Festa)(Japanese Only)

Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival

Run primarily by students, this festival is the largest international student film festival in the nation and presents an opportunity for exchange that welcomes any genre, nationality, or age. The festival is also an opportunity to discover future filmmakers, with students from around the world submitting their independent films for review.
»Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival

Exchange opportunities involving university clubs and the use of social media

Universities offer plenty of opportunities for exchange through cultural activities and sports club activities, in which many students participate. Recent years have also seen an increase in exchange using social media. The various exchange groups that take part are made up of mostly students from the Kansai region. You'll be welcomed, too!

Athletic clubs

Students can get engaged with all manner of athletic activities including aikido, karate, judo and other sports that originated in Japan, as well as sports such as soccer, basketball, and track and field.

Cultural activities

In addition to arts-related pursuits such as music and painting, students can join clubs that take part in extracurricular activities such as volunteering. There are also clubs for learning about Japanese history, including Kyoto, through history study groups and other such organizations.

Social media

The number of ways in which students can interact grows every year. One way is using Meetup or other such social media to allow communication between students with similar interests.

Facilities that promote international exchange

Kyoto has a number of international exchange facilities for foreign students living in the city. Some provide aid to international students or provide volunteering opportunities while others offer Japanese lessons or conduct events.
There are also places for students to consult with others about problems encountered while living in Japan. Make the most of them!

Kokoka Kyoto City International House

With the goal of helping both Japanese and non-Japanese better understand each other’s cultures and live side-by-side in Japan, this organization promotes the internationalization of Kyoto through initiatives that include extending support to international students and providing volunteer opportunities.
»Kokoka Kyoto City International House

Kyoto Prefectural International Center

The Kyoto Prefectural International Center conducts a number of activities centered on international students. Among these are holding field trips around Kyoto, hosting the International Student Job Hunting Support Round Table, providing support for conducting the Kyoto International Student Sports Festival, and running the Kyoto International Student House.
»Kyoto Prefectural International Center

International Student Association

In Kyoto, there are many International Student Association based on the region, universities and nationality. Students that came from the same nationality will come together to help each other and organize events. How about joining the Kyoto Instrrnatioaanal student association?

Kyoto Prefecture Friendship Ambassadors

Kyoto Prefecture Friendship Ambassadors are international students who are studying within Kyoto Prefecture and who either wish to play a role in helping better connect Kyoto Prefecture to the rest of the world or, after completing their studies, help promote Kyoto Prefecture or provide information about their home region.
»Overview of the Kyoto Prefecture Honorary Friendship Ambassador Appointment Program