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For those considering study abroad in Kyoto For international students in Kyoto

Short Movie Contest for International Students in Kyoto

International Students in Kyoto show the world
what they like the best about studying in Kyoto!
Entry deadline:By Friday, January, 15th, 2021
Application deadline:By Sunday, February, 28th, 2021

Satisfaction Survey for International Students in Kyoto

At STUDY KYOTO, we are conducting a survey geared towards all international students.We will be asking what made you want to study in Kyoto, and about your student life here.We will be doing this in an effort to make Kyoto a more attractive, and easier place for international students to live in.

KyoTomorrow Academy: a Japanese government-sponsored program to support international students in their search for housing and employment

This community offers support for job-hunting and other career advice for international students studying in Kyoto.

Kyoto is a City of Universities, and a City of Students.
To help Muslim students feel more secure as you go about making these decisions,
we've put together a collection of useful information about Kyoto, and the many charms of the city.

Job-hunting events for international students looking for work in Kyoto

Offering support to ensure that international students can secure a future once they finish their studies in Kyoto. The website is updated frequently with information about job-hunting-related events in Kyoto.

International Housing Search: a multilingual website for international student housing International Housing Search: a multilingual website for international student housing

Search for apartments and other housing close to Kyoto schools. The site also includes explanations of how to search for and lease an apartment in Japan, as well as manners when doing so, and more.



These are interviews with your predecessors who have studied in Kyoto.
You can hear what they have to say about Kyoto and their experiences here.

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