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For those considering study abroad in Kyoto For international students in Kyoto

About immigration VISA

After recieving permission from your desired school study abroad, you must acquire a visa.

After you have received approval for admission to the school, you will need to obtain a visa to enter Japan.
(1)University, graduate school, college, preparatory educational institutions, technical college
(2) High school, vocational school's high school or general course, various schools, facilities and educational institutions equivalent to these

These international students will be provided a visa so please apply for a "study abroad" VISA.

●How to Apply

  • □ For a VISA, apply directly to the Japanese embassy or consulate overseas.
  • □ Conduct the grant application at the Immigration and Residence Management Agency (In Kyoto's case it would be the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau Kyoto Branch) etc. After getting the Certificate of Eligibility grant, the individual desiring to study abroad must do the VISA application at the Japanese Embassy overseas.

*The paper work needed for application, can be found on the Immigration and Residence Management Agency's website, but this can differ depending on the school, so please confirm directly with your school.

● Items necessary to enter Japan at immigration

  • □ Passport with attached VISA
  • □ (If it has been issued) Certificate of Eligibility
  • □ ED Card (embarkation and disembarkation card)

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● Procedure for after arriving in Japan

  • □ Issuance of a Residence Card
  • □ Enrollment in National Health Insurance
  • □ Opening a bank account
  • □ Subscribing to a mobile phone carrier

Procedures during the first week in Kyoto

● In order to hold a part-time job in Japan

In order for an international student residing in Japan with a student VISA to hold a part-time job, one must sign up for outside qualification activity permission.

About part-time jobs