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Vocational Colleges

You can acquire the knowledge, techniques and skills required for your occupation and everyday life. They achieve higher employment rates than universities and junior colleges. Recently they offer a wide variety of career paths, with courses that enable you to transfer to university or advance to graduate school, etc.

Vocational Colleges

Recommended for !

□ Those who aim to acquire specific skills and techniques required for a specialized occupation
□ Those who aim to acquire particular qualifications

●Detailed information
Obtainable qualifications “Diploma” or “Advanced Diploma”
Period of study □ Diploma:2 year (Non-degree courses of less than two years are also offered)
□ Advanced Diploma: 4 years
Graduation requirements □ 2 years: 1,700 hours or more
□ 3 years: 3,400 hours or more
Selection methods Document examination, written examination, interview, short essay, composition, aptitude test, practical examination, Japanese examination and achievement tests, etc.
Examination period From September to March, varies depending on the school
Estimated tuition fees
(annual average)
Entrance fee 310,138 yen + tuition 438,740 yen
* Varies depending on the school.
* Reference: Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 2014 Retail Price Survey Annual Report