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Kyoto Pastry and Bakery Art College

Dorian MAUREL (From France)

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I want to apply the Japanese study system in my home country

Kyoto University

Dianti Farhana Kamasela (From Indonesia)

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I want to pursue a career which I can help deepening the communication between China and Japan

Kyoto University


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温少杰 (オン ショウケツ)さん (From 中国)

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鄭 以謝(テイ イシャ)さん (From 中国)

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I want to create a working environment where anyone, regardless of their nationality or background, can seamlessly work together.

Doshisha University

Katrina Platt (From USA)

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My post-graduation dream is to become a bridge between Japan and my native Indonesia.

Ritsumeikan University

Adhiqa Rafifanda Iqbal (From Indnesia)

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I am now beginning my own project, which focuses on the theme of regenerative medicine.

Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University

Julia Junghof (From Germany)

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I want to pass the level 1 JLPT before I graduate.

Kyoto Institute of Culture & Language

CHEN, YING-HAN (From Taiwan)

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Eventually, I’d like to start my own restaurant in the home of Japanese cuisine: Kyoto.

Kyoto Culinary Art College


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