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Alumni Interviews

Please take a listen to opinions directly from international students.

I think you start a business because there’s something you really, truly want to make

Funfo  CEO、CFO & PM

Hengyue Qiao、Shunchih Chang  (From China、Taiwan)

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I’m the first foreign employee in my company to get certified in Japan as a real estate notary

Flat Agency, Inc. 

Fang Li   (From China)

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When I changed jobs, I think I was able to find a position that was much closer to my specialization.

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) 

Michael Smith  (From United States of America)

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An International Company which Headquarters in Kyoto

Kyocera Corporation 

Sophie Arenas Gutierrez   (From Belgium)

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Working at ROHM Semiconductor: An American Girl in a Japanese Company

ROHM Semiconductor 

Maria Platt  (From America)

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My ultimate goal is to find inspiration to contribute to society.

SG Holdings Co., Ltd.  Finance Department

LEE HYEEON  (From Korea)

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I’ve come to the other side of the world, so I want to give my all and show what I can do.

Nidec Corporation  Public Relations

Mr. Jacob Eveson  (From Sweden)

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I want to support the younger generation, and serve as a bridge between Japan and China.

TAIHEI Printing Co., Ltd  Designer

Mr. Sai Kaigen  (From China)

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