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In Kyoto, which is the prefecture with the largest percentage of students in Japan, you can study a wide-variety of disciplines from cutting-edge technology to Zen and animation

Things to confirm before Studying in Kyoto

Things to confirm before Studying in Kyoto

  • Admission process

    Typical pre-admission process for studying abroad in Kyoto (Japan). Before admission, the preparation period is over 1 year, so use the following and thoroughly prepare.

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  • About scholarships

    Many organizations and each school provide scholarships targeted to international students.

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  • Exams needed for entrance

    Other than the standard tests for Japanese examinees, there is a special process for international students.

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Getting VISA etc., procedures for living

When your study abroad destination is decided, you must proceed to getting your VISA and begin the process for living. Thoroughly confirm as you begin the process so that you do not miss anything.

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International Student Interviews

Please take a listen to opinions directly from international students.

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