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Japanese Language Schools

You can study a broad range of Japanese courses, from daily conversation to university entrance level Japanese and business-level Japanese.
Most classes at universities and vocational colleges are conducted in Japanese, so in order to be able to keep up with the classes, go to a Japanese Language School (or attend special course for international students) and acquire Japanese language skills before entering college.

Japanese Language Schools

Recommended for !

□ Those who want to study Japanes for the pupose of entering graduate school or vocational college
□ Those who want to study Japanese

●Detailed information
Obtainable qualifications None (but it is possible to receive a course-completion certificate)
Period of study 1 to 2 years
Graduation requirements
Selection methods Document screening, etc.
* There are also places that conduct entrance examinations locally and have interviews with the candidate and his or her guardians.
Examination period Varies depending on the school
Estimated tuition fees
(annual average):
One-year course: 650,000 yen – 800,000 yen (varies depending on the school)
Special course for international students: 700,000 yen – 750,000 yen (varies depending on the school)