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Japanese Schools Supporting a Path to Success After Graduation

Students were able to speak directly with non-Japanese employees, and school representatives!


One of the most exciting parts of this event is the ability to speak directly with representatives from participating schools, and with non-Japanese people who are actually currently working at companies in Kyoto.

One guest joins a group of about four international students, and answers their questions. Students were able to ask all sorts of questions in the open and comfortable atmosphere of their classrooms.

Many of the questions for the non-Japanese employees had to do with their working environment. The guests were careful to answer all the student questions about overtime work, taking paid vacation, and more.

Students asked the school representatives about school curriculum, how the reps saw their schools from a work perspective, and about the design, cooking and other industries graduates could hope to work in.

Some students even used the opportunity to ask about interview practices and the merits of particular jobs.

Student Impressions

The following are a few comments from the international students who participated in this info session.

“I had such a negative image of working in Japan, like that there’s a lot of overtime, but that image really went away after I heard about what the guests’ workplaces were like, and what they liked about their jobs.”

“I enjoyed hearing a lot of different opinions. I’d like to participate in more events like this.”

“I got a lot of information and advice. It was very helpful!”

Everyone can become unsure before deciding to continue their education or start a new job. This is especially true for students studying in Japan, looking at schools and jobs far away from their home countries. That’s why it’s even more important to have a space to ask even the difficult questions you may have.

Kyoto is a fairly compact city, and there are many universities and corporations near each of its Japanese language schools. One benefit of studying abroad in Kyoto is the ability to communicate with these nearby schools and industries, to help ease some of your concerns.

Study Kyoto is hoping to organize a number of similar events to help students make decisions about continuing their studies or job hunting in Kyoto with confidence. We hope to see you there in the future!