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What’s an International Student Group like? From a Thai Student

What’s an International Student Group like? From a Thai Student

Kyoto’s Thai Student group has many student members. Many are university and graduate school students, but there are also members that attend Japanese language schools, vocational schools, short- and long-term exchange students, and even some who have already graduated. They may go back to Thailand after graduation, but they still keep in touch from far away.
All of the Thai students in our group are friendly and kind. We help each other out with all kinds of things, like the Japanese language barrier, difficulties with living abroad in a foreign country, and even exchange items we no longer need (especially after graduation).

Our Twice Annual Welcome Party

We hold a welcome party for Thai students coming to study in Kyoto every year, twice a year. The first party is held in spring, during May, and the second in autumn, during November. Each time, around 50-80 people attend. To make it easier for everyone to get to know one another and make friends, we play simple games and eat Thai food made by Thai students who’ve been in Kyoto longer.


Our Activities in Kansai

Aside from the Kyoto Thai Student Group’s activities, Kansai’s Thai student group also hosts a variety of events. One of the biggest is a trip to go see the Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival. Many of the Thai students who attend come to see the fireworks dressed in yukata. Attendees are not only students from Kyoto, but from Osaka, Shiga, Hyogo, and Nara. After the fireworks, we hold a yukata contest. There’s even a cash prize!


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