Kyoto Styudy

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YIC Kyoto Polytechnic College

Acceptable degrees: Diploma

International students are assigned to the same classes as Japanese students to ensure they acquire specialized knowledge and technical skills. For scholarships there are the YIC Kyoto tuition reduction system and the living alone support system as well as employment search support after graduation. International students are warmly supported by teaching staff who use English, Chinese, and Korean. There are also supplementary Japanese courses one to two times a week for individuals to brush up their Japanese skills. (International car maintenance department capacity 25 people)

  • Student dormitory, rental housing

Basic information

Enrolment period April
Tuition (for science) per year 1,202,000 yen
Vocational school details
Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Human Life Science Beauty

School Information

  • 日本の技術と語学を学べる国際自動車整備科

  • STUDY IN KYOTO 外国人留学生の皆さまへ

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  • 外国人留学生のみなさまへ

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