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Private Meiji University of Integrative Medicine

Acceptable degrees: Bachelor’s degree

Experience the medical field as a student with the affiliated hospital!
The affiliated hospital on campus has 16 departments of medicine, and while being the communities’ core hospital, it is also a place for clinical education". Through practical training here, students can learn "integrated medical care" and deepen their understanding of "team medical care. Also, a General Rehabilitation Center and Acupuncture Center etc. are adjoined to the hospital, so you can experience current medical treatment and acquire rich human nature as a medical professional.

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Enrolment period April
Entrance qualifications ・Examination for Japanese University:required
Enrollment fee 300,000 yen
Tuition (for science) per year 1,350,000 yen~1,450,000 yen
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Nursing and Health Sciences Medical Technology

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  • 2019年 大学案内
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