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The Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguistic Studies, Kyoto Japanese Language School

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The Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguistic Studies Kyoto Japanese Language School is the second oldest Japanese language school in Japan, with a history of more than 60 years.
Our Intensive Course, includes “Culture and Art Class” and “Business Class”.
Students will master advanced Japanese vocabulary and grammar and understand Japan on a deeper level through research and their various experience in Kyoto.
In addition, there are many opportunities to meet Japanese students, and have cultural exchanges at elementary schools and libraries.
Our language school is one in which you can improve your Japanese language skills in a quiet environment beside Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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Appealing points
Enrolment period April, October
Overseas study expenses About 1,000,000yen per half a year 
Facilities, living conditions
Student dormitory, rental housing
Scholarship, tuition fee exemption  
Support for Muslim students  
Short-term programs  
Special university course for international students  
Undergraduate degrees offered in English
Post-graduate degrees offered in English
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