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Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School

Kyoto.A historica city. A cultural city.
A metropolis where international students and the world’s leading businesses meet.
Our school is located in a quiet environment where one can fully eperience the four seasons;
we have a wonderful row of cherry blosson trees in front of the school which bloom in the spring.
At Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School, our goal is to provide moe than just a language course-we want to give our students a living language education, one that allows them to engage and immerse themselves in japanese culture and daily life.We are aiming at a state of Minsai, which means interpersonal global connections. See you in Kyoto Minsai!!!

  • Support for Islam
  • Scholarship
  • Student dormitory, rental housing
  • Short-term programs

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Enrolment period April, July, October, January
Enrollment fee 55,000 yen
Other specific mentions Tuition 660,000 yen

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