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Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language

People from all over the world who want to learn about Japan gather to study at the Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language. Our classes are built on the three pillars of acquiring practical Japanese, understanding Japan through experience, and building a wide range of personal relationships. Learning here isn't simply about taking compulsory courses, students also take electives to enhance their understanding of Japan, participate in extracurricular activities and are active in mingling with other schools and students. They also communicate with those in the community to gain a versatile command of Japanese and practical knowledge and deeper understanding of Japan.

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Enrolment period April, October
Enrollment fee 100,000 yen
Other specific mentions Tuition 761,000 yen, Other 20,000 yen

Short-Term Study Abroad Program

■ 【Kyoto Culture Japanese Language School】Summer Intensive Course
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