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Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan

Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan

As tuition prices continue to rise in some countries, the idea of flying overseas to study for a time at a university abroad can seem prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of financial aid options for study abroad students in Japan. That means you, too, can come study in Kyoto!

Public Scholarships

Two very well-known scholarships are the JASSO and MEXT scholarships, the latter of which is offered by the Japanese government. JASSO (the Japan Student Services Organization) offers a scholarship for short term (up to a year) study abroad in Japan. The JASSO scholarship provides a monthly stipend of 80,000 yen a month. JASSO also has several offices around the world:

Republic of Korea office:

Malaysia office:

Indonesia office:

Thailand office:

The Japanese government (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology; or MEXT) also offers a competitive scholarship every year, which includes airfare to Japan, tuition, and any other entrance fees a university may have.

Given the generous benefits of the MEXT scholarship, the application process is somewhat rigorous. Unlike the JASSO scholarship, applicants for the MEXT scholarship may not be accepted into the Japanese university of their choosing. The benefits, however, are hard to beat.

Monthly Stipend 80,000 yen 117,000 (Undergraduate Student)

117,000 (Japanese Studies Student)

143,000 yen (Research Student Course)

144,000 yen (Masters or higher degree program)

145,000 yen (Doctoral program)

Plus roundtrip airfare to Japan, entrance fees

*subject to change based on yearly budget

Application Via a Japanese university into which one has already been accepted Begin initial application through MEXT at your local Japanese embassy.

After passing the initial screening, contact your university of choice for an acceptance letter.

Required Documents See website for details. ( See website for details. (
Application Period Typically, approximately a semester before the scholarship would apply (i.e. submit application in March for study beginning in the fall) (Depends on applicants’ country. Check embassy website)

List of Japanese embassies & consulates:

*Typically takes approximately a year to apply.


Your own country’s government may offer scholarships as well. Many students come to study in Kyoto on such scholarships, so please check with your government’s homepage.

Private scholarships and others

But there are more options still. Many universities offer their own scholarship and financial aid options privately as well! Such scholarships are often available after admittance to a university. Here are just a few examples:

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