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Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College

Acceptable degrees: Diploma

Learn in a unique, brand-new environment and become a world-class confectionery specialist!
Kyoto Pastry & Bakery College’s own way of studying will turn you into a professional
Develop lessons that implant in you everything from the basics to practical Applications!

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Enrolment period April
Entrance qualifications ・Examination for Japanese University:200 points or above
・Japan Language Proficiency Test:Above N2
・BJT score 420 or above / Those with a foreign nationality, and have completed a 12 year education abroad or will have completed by the end of March 2021. However, those with less than 12 year education abroad (home country), most have prospects of completing preparatory curriculum in Japan. 
*Part of admission qualifications have changed. Please contact us for details.
Enrollment fee 150,000 yen
Tuition (for humanity) per year Confectionery Technology Department: 1,740,000 yen. 2 year department 1st year: 1,530,000 yen. 2 year system 2nd year: 1,780,000 yen.
Other specific mentions ※Textbooks and other miscellaneous expenses must be paid separately
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Human Life Science Food and Nutritional Science

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