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School details

Private Kyoto Sangyo University

Acceptable degrees: Bachelor’s degree・Master’s degree・Doctor’s degree

Kyoto Sangyo University is a comprehensive university offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, all of which are conveniently located on a single growing campus. Within the Faculty of Foreign Studies’ Department of Asian Languages is a Japanese Communication course with a curriculum specifically tailored for deepening students' knowledge of Japan and the Japanese language.

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Basic information

Enrollment fee 200,000yen
Tuition (for humanity) per year About 800,000 yen *Depends on department
Tuition (for science) per year About 1,000,000 yen *Depends on department
Other specific mentions There are other expenses as well. ※ For details see university guidance 2021
University details
Literature Japanese Literature, Foreign Literature
Language Foreign Languages, Japanese Language, Linguistics
Culture Culture
History・Geography History
Philosophy, Ethics, Religion Philosophy, Ethics, Religion
Psychology Psychology
Law Law
Political Science Political Science
Economics Economics
Management, Commerce Business Administration
Social Studies Social Studies, Media Studies
Tourism Studies Tourism Studies
International Relations International Relations
Physical Science Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geoscience
Information Engineering Information Engineering
Nursing and Health Sciences Physical Education, Health Science
Postgraduate details
Literature Japanese Literature
Language Linguistics
Culture Culture
History・Geography History
Archaeology, Cultural Properties Archaeology, Cultural Properties
Law Law
Political Science Political Science
Economics Economics
Management, Commerce Business Administration
Physical Science Mathematics, Physics
Information Engineering Information Engineering
English degree acquisition
Language Foreign Languages
Physical Science Biology
Engineering Biotechnology
Agricultural and Fisheries Sciences Agricultural

Information about Entrance Exams & Applications

  • 入試情報サイト

  • 大学院外国人留学生入試

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