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Study Kyoto Tour: Science Tour Experience

Day Two: Open Campus at School One: Ritsumeikan University – Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

There are seven departments at this university, including pharmaceutical and sports health departments. Students interested in life science got to take a look at the laboratories, and they seemed very impressed with the extent of supplies available: “There were some analytical instruments I’d never seen before,” one student said, surprised.

This student was able to speak with Chinese tour participants in their native language, and answer their questions about campus life and the entrance exam.

Next, we headed to the school cafeteria to enjoy some lunch, and see what it feels like to be a university student!

Day Two: Open Campus at School Two: Ryukoku University – Seta Campus

To begin with, we heard an introduction to the university from current Japanese students. We received this explanation in a very nice-looking lecture hall, and it seemed the students were imagining what it would be like to have classes in such a hall after getting into the school.

Afterwards, we stopped by the library, and students enjoyed reading some books that interested them out of the collection of nearly 450,000 volumes.

Exchange Dinner at “The Sodoh Higashiyama”

On the evening of the second day, all of our tour participants gathered together with current Japanese students and international students studying in Kyoto to have dinner together. In addition to the tasty food, there were many performances, too: “Kyo-en Sode-fure” dance, iaido (the art of sword-drawing), and a demonstration of how to make wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). The bingo game everyone played helped to start conversations between the tour participants and the Japanese students, too!

“Kyo-en Sode-fure” Performance

Making friends with a game of bingo!

Demonstration of how to make traditional sweets

One of the most memorable parts of the night was hearing from two international students currently studying in Kyoto. Adiqha, a student at Ritsumeikan University, showed the participants a video of a visit he made by bicycle to Kyoto universities last summer, and told them about his life as a student in Kyoto. In one day, he managed to visit 25 schools by bike! All possible because Kyoto has so many universities!

Adiqha and the dance members of “Kyo-en Sode-fure”

Day Three: Open Campus at School One: Kyoto Sangyo University

After an explanatory introduction to the school, we got to take a tour of the laboratory at the life science department. A student at the school gave us an introduction to each of the lab rooms, and we were able to take a look at some unusual equipment, like microscopes meant to be used in darkrooms. We also got to hear some poster presentations from the university students and professors, which helped give tour participants an idea of whether this department might fit with what they might like to study or research in the future.

Afterwards, we got lunch at a ramen restaurant on campus. The participants were surprised to find an outdoor escalator for moving from one campus building to another. It made for a quick transition.

Day Three: Open Campus at School Two: Doshisha University – Imadegawa Campus

First of all we headed to a consultation session about entering university, led by other international students. Chinese and Korean students in the Global Communications Department gave presentations explaining why they chose to study in Kyoto, this school, and what campus life is like. Professors answered prospective student questions about the entrance exam system and curriculum too, giving our students a bunch of great information to prepare with!

As our tour participants headed off to individual counselling by department, they said they were glad to have heard directly from university professors about the differences in each course of study, and that there were other international students studying there.

The chapel on Doshisha University’s campus is also a nationally-designated Important Cultural Property, and with its stained glass all around, it’s a beautiful building. The campus certainly made an impression with its combination of brand-new lecture halls and older buildings.

Why take this tour

・Be efficient in campus tour participation

We rented a bus to visit 4 universities over the course of two days. A participant commented that, “I was glad we were able to move around with such ease, so we were able to see the labs and participate in mock classes.”

Some participants also remarked that their choices had expanded, that, “I found an interest in schools that I’d never heard of before.”

・Interact with Japanese & International Students at Kyoto Universities

18 current university students participated on this tour. During open campus events, we divided into groups of 1-2 international students and one Japanese university student or staff to participate in department or research lab tours. This made it easier for students to ask questions right away if there was any Japanese they didn’t catch or didn’t understand. Students were also able to dispel any worries or concerns they might have about studying abroad in Kyoto by hearing directly from their international student “senpai” in Kyoto, and gather a more concrete image of what studying here is really like.

Why not come join a tour like this one to join some open campuses, and imagine for yourself what studying abroad in Kyoto is really like?

(Text: Chikako Ota, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)

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