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Study in Japan in English: English-Taught Degree Programs in Kyoto

Study in Japan in English: English-Taught Degree Programs in Kyoto

Even if your Japanese level isn’t high enough for full-on university-level Japanese courses, you don’t have to give up your dream of studying abroad in Japan. Given its size, Kyoto is practically bursting with universities and other schools, many of which offer programs in English. To help you get started, check out the list below, which includes Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University. For details on each of the programs, please see their respective websites.

Kyoto Universities & Graduate Schools with English-Language Programs

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Kyoto University Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate International Course Program of Global Engineering

This four-year international course is taught entirely in English, and has been offered since 2011.

■Kyoto University Post-Graduate Programs

Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics

International Graduate Program for East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Studies

This program follows the Western academic calendar, beginning its academic year in October instead of April, as is typical of the Japanese school year. This graduate program uses English as its common language. See here ( for more information.

Graduate School of Agriculture

Special Course in Agricultural Sciences

Offers Masters and Doctorate courses with enrollment in either April or October (

Graduate School of Informatics

April and October enrollment is offered. Courses available include the International Course in Intelligence Science and Technology, the International Course in Social Informatics, and the International Course in Communications and Computer Engineering.

Biostudies & Medicine: Global Frontier in Life Science Program

Offering Master’s and Doctoral programs beginning in April for studies in medicine, and in either April or October for Biostudies.

Global Environmental Studies

International Environment Management Program

Graduate School of Management

International Project Management Course

(Offered as a two-year program)

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Human Resource Development Program for Novel Material Industry (HDMI)

Most lectures in the graduate program are conducted in Japanese (please consult with professors for specifics). However, the HDMI program, a sub-category of the International Graduate Program at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, offers all-English classes. Doctoral and Masters courses are available, but applicants must be graduates or current students at one of Kyoto Institute of Technology’s partner institutions.

Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics offers many classes in English as well as Japanese for its Master’s Degree, with a focus on web business, multimedia content creation, and more skills required for modern IT professionals. The college also has affiliations with many international institutions.

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University offers English-taught degree courses in two majors, Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Ritsumeikan University: Undergraduate Degrees

College of Policy Science, Community and Regional Policy Studies major

This four-year undergraduate program begins with introductory and academic skills courses, as well as intensive Japanese language courses. In their third year, students will choose between the Sustainable Urban Policy Program, Regional Economy and Development Program, and Multi-level Governance Programs.

College of International Relations, Global Studies Major

This four-year English degree program offers enrollment in April or September. The course is designed to give students the ability to understand and analyze global affairs from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Bachelor of Engineering: Information Systems Science and Engineering

In this four year program, students will begin their studies via project-based learning, in which they work together in teams with other students to hone their information systems engineering skills. In their fourth year, students will begin work on their own projects.

Ritsumeikan University: Post-graduate Degree Programs

Graduate School of Policy Science

In this two-year Master’s program (fall enrollment only), students will conduct their own research projects in one of three “clusters”: the Public Policy Cluster, Sustainable Development Cluster, or Social Management Cluster.

Graduate School of International Relations

While the Graduate School of International Relations also offers courses in Japanese, its Global Cooperation Program is an English-based Master’s course. The program is taught by specialists and professionals from international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

In this program, students will take foundational academic and Japanese courses. Both Master’s and Doctoral programs include degrees in Advanced Mathematics and Physics (offered with specialization in either mathematics or physics in the Doctoral program); Advanced Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Systems; Advanced Mechanical Engineering and Robotics; and Advanced Architectural, Environmental and Civil Engineering.

Ritsumeikan University: Graduate School of Life Sciences

Offered in English, this program offers Doctoral students an opportunity for more advanced research in its Advanced Life Sciences major. Masters students in the same major can choose from the Applied Chemistry Course, Biotechnology Course, Bioinformatics Course, and Biomedical Sciences Course.

Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering

This program offers Masters and Doctoral programs with majors in Advanced Information Science and Engineering (including a choice between the Computer Science Course and Human Information Science Course in the Masters program).

Graduate School of Technology Management

This English-based program begins its enrollment in April and September. Students will study technological innovations within companies and ways to integrate technology with appropriate management.

Graduate School of Economics, Master’s Program in Economic Development

Ritsumeikan University founded its Graduate School of Economics in 1950, and began offering its Master’s Program in Economic Development in 2002. The courses are taught entirely in English by an international faculty.

Doshisha University: Undergraduate Degrees

The Institute for the Liberal Arts (Liberal Arts Program)

Doshisha’s Liberal Arts Course is a Bachelor’s course aimed specifically at international students, and offers an interdisciplinary program across six faculties (Faculties of Letters, Social Studies, Law, Economics, Commerce, and Policy Studies), with a focus on Japan, Japanese studies, and the rich and unique culture of Kyoto.

Doshisha University: Post-Graduate Degrees

International Science and Technology Course

This project-based Masters and Doctoral Program is offers enrollment in both spring and fall, and all classes necessary for obtaining a degree are taught in English.

Doshisha University Graduate School of Business

Doshisha began offering an English-language global MBA in 2009, and expanded its program into its two-year Global Business and Management Studies program in 2014. Enrollment begins in October.

Doshisha University Graduate School of Global Studies

This graduate school program includes two program taught in English: American Studies and Global Society Studies.

Kyoto Sangyo University

Global Science Course

Primarily aimed at non-native English speakers, the Global Science Course aims to enhance students’ English proficiency within global science fields.

Short-term Study Abroad

For those who aren’t able to devote several years to study in Japan, there are still many options available for short-term study abroad programs in Kyoto. Here’s a list to help get you started:

Even if you can’t (yet) speak Japanese, there’s no need to give up on your dream of study abroad!
In addition to Japanese and Japanese culture, Kyoto has universities with various academic disciplines, including the latest technology. Come learn with us!

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