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From Japanese students to international students: the best things to do while you live in Kyoto!

C) Favorite food

Japan has a lot of delicious food. This list shows food that Japanese really like. Please try some of them while you’re in Japan!

*Because it is overwhelmingly popular, sushi is not included.


Ramen is loved by many Japanese people, and Kyoto City is often referred to as a “ramen battleground.” Because of this, there are a lot of ramen shops, and ramen worth waiting for even if the shop has a long line. You will find the most shops around Kyoto Station and Ichijo-ji.



Japanese really like yakiniku because you can grill the meat yourself and eat it until you’re completely full. Relatively speaking, it is a little expensive (about 3,000 yen and up), but yakiniku is really delicious, so please have it when you want to have a little luxury time.


3.Una-juu (eel rice bowl)

Una-juu is a rice bowl popular with Japanese, with grilled eel with salty-sweet sauce. It’s actually full of nutrition, and good for your health as well. It has recently become much more reasonably priced, which is one of the reasons it is popular among Japanese.


D) Favorite ice cream

Almost all supermarkets and convenience stores have various kinds of ice cream. This list shows the popular ones among them in Japan.


Pino is a bite-sized ice cream covered in chocolate, that has been popular since its release. People like it for its very tasty chocolate and the fashionable box it comes in.



Aisu-no-mi are bite-sized sherbet balls and made in the image of various fruits. Nowadays, a lot of flavors are sold, such as grape andpeach. the trendy way to eat aisu-no-mi is to it into soda or alcohol, so please try this as well.


3.Super cup

Super cup is ice cream in a cup container. The secrets of its popularity are mainly three: it is reasonably priced, big, and delicious. Please try to have this terrific ice cream while you’re in Japan.


E) Favorite snacks

There are so many kinds of snacks when you go to a supermarket or convenience store in Japan. All of them are good, but among them, three snacks that Japanese like are shown.

1.Potato Chips

Japanese potato chips are relatively light but taste good, and various companies sell chips of various form and flavor, like orange, garlic and chocolate. Sometimes limited edition flavors are sold, so please try a lot.



Jagariko, stick potato snacks, are popular for its crispy texture and great taste. They come in a compact cup container and can be eaten without getting your hands dirty, making them popular for their ease of portability.

3.Kit Kat

There are also many kinds of chocolate snacks in the supermarkets, but among them, Kit Kat is one of the most popular. The combination of chocolate and wafer produces a great texture and taste. These days, limited edition and local flavors are sold. Particularly in Kyoto, the local matcha flavor is the most famous.

F) Favorite Kanji

Kanji is used in everywhere in Japan, and there are approximately 50,000 characters. This list will show the favorite Kanji selected by Japanese who use these characters everyday.


“笑” has almost same meaning as “smile”. It makes people happy and has a favorable impression.


“輝” means “brightness.” But the character also expresses the condition of being full of life, and with honor and fame. Because of the meaning of the kanji, Japanese like it and often use it when naming their children.


“信” means “believe.” But also the character is used to mean sincerity and truth. Japanese like using it because it seems serious and reliable.

There are more kanji which Japanese like, such as “善”(justice, moral) and “優”(calm, kind). They tend to like positive and cheerful characters.

Cafés and Places to Study


You can drink coffee and juice for free in Shiru-Café (college students only). The outlets and Wi-Fi are available for free use, and you can use the space for studying ormeetings.

In Kyoto, there are 3 branches: Doshisha University, Kyoto University, and Ritsumeikan University.



Hygger is a facility for students along Kawaramachi Street, are is one of the largest student cafés in Kyoto. The interior is large, so you can study, play table tennis, and play video games. It has whiteboards, outlets, Wi-Fi, and free drinks, so it’s a great place to do anything. A fun event is held every weekend, so the café is a good place to make new friends.

Address: Kyōto-shi, Nakagyō-ku, 河原町 通三条下がる大黒町59-4 3F

Open: 12:00 p.m.~9:00 p.m.

Access: [From Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station] walk 5min.

[From Sanjo Station] walk 5min.

[From Kawaramachi Station] walk 6min.


All the things listed in this article are popular amongst Japanese students. Try them out, and make some unforgettable memories while you stay in Kyoto!