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Places to Eat in Kyoto


You can taste the best of Kyoto’s traditional cuisine at a number of Muslim-friendly restaurants (either all Halal, or those that provide Halal menus) throughout the city. From ramen to kyo-kaiseki (a multiple course meal often served at traditional ryokan inns), there’s a lot to try! Some Kyoto campuses are even beginning to serve Halal food at on-campus cafeterias: Kyoto University’s CO-OP Cafeteria Renais includes a Halal-Certified Kebab Corner. Doshisha University’s Ryoshinkan Cafeteria and cafeterias on several of Ritsumeikan University’s campuses serve Muslim-friendly food options, too.

For ramen, try 100% Halal ramen at Gion Naritaya:

Or Ayam-Ya:

Try yakiniku (grilled meat) at Naritaya’s 100% Halal Yakiniku:

For traditional Japanese dishes:


Yoshiya Okunoniwa ( , website in Japanese only)

Ukihashi at Hotel Granvia Kyoto (

Other Halal restaurants include Istanbul Saray (Turkish cuisine: ), and Raju (Indian cuisine: ), which has locations in both Yamashina, east of Kyoto city, and in front of Kyoto University.

Other Facilities

Kyoto is also home to many Muslim-friendly hotels with Halal menus, prayer spaces, qibla, and other facilities that may be welcome for the visiting families of Muslim students.

The Kyoto Muslim Association is working to encourage more Kyoto restaurants and hotels to serve Halal food and provide other facilities for Muslim guests, so it’s quite likely that Kyoto will continue to become an even more convenient study abroad destination!