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The number of international students coming to study in Kyoto,
and those who go on to find jobs in Kyoto has also been increasing year by year.
In Kyoto, we do many things to support international student's job hunting.

Working in Kyoto

Many well-known, high-tech companies such as Kyocera, Nintendo, Omron, Rohm, Shimazu, Wacoal, Nichicon have their head-quarters in Kyoto.
In the future, you may find a place where you can succeed in Kyoto.

京都で働く インタビュー Xue Shenghao (中国)

Third year in the company doing overseas sales

Xue Shenghao Ritsumeikan University / Kyocera Corporation※At the time of the interview in 2016

What did you study in university?

When studying at Ritsumeikan's Graduate school, I studied language education and information, and majored in Japanese education. It is a program for Japanese and international students aiming to become Japanese teachers. First I was aimed to be a Japanese teacher so I could improve my Japanese. In this program I studied a wide variety of basics and expertise such as Japanese education, linguistics, and education. During my second year I took teaching classes at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and I wrote on "How Chinese students study Chinese characters in Japan" for my graduation thesis.

京都で働く インタビュー Xue Shenghao (中国) 01

How did you make use of your Study abroad experience.

Originally I was aiming to be a Japanese teacher. However, in Japan I learned for a Chinese international student that it is difficult to be a Japanese teacher in China. Therefore, I changed my goal, and decided to use my experience by working. The reason I settled on Kyocera is after a seminar Kyocera held for International students. At the seminar I learned that many languages could be used at Kyocera, and I felt it to be a global cooperation. Before job hunting I had been reading the founder Kazuo Inamori's writings and I agreed with his way of thinking. Therefore, I decided to work for Kyocera.

京都で働く インタビュー Xue Shenghao (中国) 02

Your work now and aspirations for the future.

Currently I am in my third year in the overseas sales division of inkjet print heads. Mainly I go directly to the local retailers to sale products in my hometown and monthly I visit Taiwan and Singapore for business trips. Especially for Taiwan, the technology of inkjet print heads comparing to the technology in Europe and North America region is lacking. Hence, it is a potential market. Now I am working hard to increase the sales and I hope that I will go directly and do transactions with the local client.

Working in Kyoto interview Xue Shenghao

Alumini Interviews

Here are some interviews with alumni who have actually studied in Kyoto and gone on to find employment in here.
Why not put their experiences to your own use?

京都で働く OB・OGインタビュー 京都で働く OB・OGインタビュー 京都で働く OB・OGインタビュー

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Employment support system

In Kyoto, there is good employment support services, and in order to support international students job hunting, internships, acceptance programs, and events are hosted.

For international students thinking about employment in Kyoto International student employment information portal site Beyond Study Kyoto

In Kyoto, not only schools but government institutions (Kyoto prefecture, Kyoto city), economic organizations, and private enterprises support international students concerning employment at “ALL KYOTO”. At this site, international students considering employment can find information concerning the latest employment support services and event information. All services and events listed on these pages are offered free of charge.

International Student Support Community KyoTomorrowAcademy

KyoTomorrowAcademy=KTA is a community for international students who are studying in Kyoto. In this community,there will be lots of opportunities to improve Japanese skills and also to get to know about Japanese companies through many interactive activities!

Study Kyoto’s Internship Program for International Students

The International Student Study Kyoto network offers opportunities for international students to experience real work experience at Kyoto companies. It is continually working to support students’ understanding of Japanese work life and their search for employment and other activities in Japan. Through our Internship Program, the participating students work as an intern at a company during their school summer break. (Both paid and unpaid programs are available.)

Kyoto prefecture “Kyoto Job Park”

It provides a service where, in order to promote the activities of human resources from overseas in the prefecture, specialist counselors provide counseling, carefully addressing the concerns and questions international students have regarding finding employment.