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Private Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

Acceptable degrees: Master’s degree・Doctor’s degree

Focus on enhancing students’ research understanding to help them become experts in the field of pharmacy. The fundamental aim of this school is to develop students’ research capabilities, in addition to focusing on their education. Kyoto Pharmaceutical University offers two doctoral programs. The first is a four-year program in Pharmacy to create clinical pharmacists with leadership skills who possess advanced academic knowledge and research capabilities in basic and clissnical pharmacy, and researchers who play an active international role in basic and clinical pharmacy. The other is a five-year program (a two-year long first stage, and a three-year long second stage) in Pharmaceutical Sciences, that focuses on creating researchers who are capable of playing an active international role in basic pharmaceutical sciences.

Basic information

Enrolment period April, October
Enrollment fee 100,000 yen
Tuition (for science) per year 700,000 yen
Postgraduate details
Medical, Dental Sciences and Pharmacy Pharmacy
English degree acquisition
Medical, Dental Sciences and Pharmacy Pharmacy

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