Kyoto Styudy

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Junior College

Kyoto College of Economics, founded in 1993, is a new junior college. Many students have transferred to 4-year colleges or found good jobs. Although the college is small, it is well-known and has recently been receiving public attention because of its superiority. The maximum capacity is 150 students per grade, which allows for the students to be provided strong individual support and imparts them a feeling of being with family.

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Junior Colleges academic areas Economics, Business Administration, Commerce
Appealing points Vibrant exchange between international students and Japanese students, A variety of qualifications can be obtained, Half tuition fee exemption
Enrolment period April
Overseas study expenses 790,000yen/1st year, 570,000yen/2nd year
Facilities, living conditions
Student dormitory, rental housing  
Scholarship, tuition fee exemption
Support for Muslim students  
Short-term programs  
Special university course for international students  
Undergraduate degrees offered in English
Post-graduate degrees offered in English
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