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Private Kyoto University of the Arts

Acceptable degrees: Bachelor’s degree・Master’s degree・Doctor’s degree

Our philosophy at the Kyoto University of the Arts is the establishment of an "Artistic Nation", and students who study art aim to change their localities and society for the better. Not only do students acquire expertise in a specific field or technology, but they strive to develop the skill of truly looking at things, stimulating the imagination of others, creativity that brings forth new value, and humanity for living in harmony with others. To reach these goals, a rich curriculum is available that includes classes that train students to be accepted in society, acquire the ability to notice specific things, and learning about Japanese culture.

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Enrolment period April
Enrollment fee 200,000 yen
Tuition (for humanity) per year Universities:1,180,000 yen~1,670,000 yen Post-Graduate Schools:1,077,000 yen
Other specific mentions Above N2
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Arts Industrial arts, Art and Design
Anime/ Manga Anime/ Manga
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Arts Industrial arts, Art and Design
Anime/ Manga Anime/ Manga

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  • 外国人留学生募集要項&入試ガイド2021
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