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Private:The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

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Because our IT course starts with learning the fundamentals, many students come from a liberal arts background. Our curriculum is a practical, hands-on learning experience. Our practically trained faculty gives lectures based on their own experience. With our many sister and affiliate schools throughout various Asian countries, the Americas, and Europe, your study abroad is sure to be filled with mutual exchange. We also provide top-level employment search support with many opportunities for internships. Graduates of our IT and business program are employed in Japan and their home countries mainly in IT related industries and are leaders in the information industry in countries around the world.

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Post-graduate academic areas Business Administration, Engineering
Appealing points Entrance exam can be taken from overseas, Comprehensive employment support, A variety of qualifications can be obtained
Enrolment period April, October
Overseas study expenses
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Student dormitory, rental housing  
Scholarship, tuition fee exemption
Support for Muslim students  
Short-term programs  
Special university course for international students  
Undergraduate degrees offered in English
Post-graduate degrees offered in English School of Applied Information Technology
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    The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

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