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Multilingual Information Links Regarding COVID-19 (Updated, May 22)


May 22, 2020   “【Government of Japan】Emergency aid for students to continue their education” added
May 20, 2020   “Kyoto City: The Special Fixed Benefit Payment” added
May 20, 2020   “Kyoto City: Hotline for the Special Benefit Payment” added
May 20, 2020   “How to fill in the application form for the special fixed benefit-video” added


☆The online application for the Special Cash Payment started in Kyoto City on May 15th!☆
Foreign students living in Japan who are recorded in the Basic Resident Registration System as of April 27th, 2020 are also eligible for the payment.  A valid identification such as your residence card or passport is required at the application. For more details, please check websites regarding the project.
*The application forms for the Special Cash Payment will be mailed in the beginning of June.


■Telephone consultation service Regarding COVID-19

【Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare】Telephone consultation service
Telephone number:0120-565653 (toll-free)
Operating Hours:9:00~21:00
Supported languages:Japanese, English, Chinese

【Kyoto Prefecture】Telephone consultation service

【AMDA Medical Information Center】Multilingual Consultation Service Regarding COVID19
(English、中文、한국、ภาษาไทย、Espanol、Tagalog、Português、Tiếng việt) (Facebook)

【JNTO】 Japan Visitor Hotline (You can call for assistance regarding to COVID-19.)
(English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)


■When you feel sick

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

Point-and-Speak YUBISASHI for COVID-19

Study Kyoto Magazine: You’re Not Alone: Get Help During Study Abroad in


■Multilingual Information Regarding COVID-19

NHK WORLD-JAPAN is providing information in multiple languages

Withnews Easy Japanese News

【Kyoto Prefecture】Information about 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Infection

【Kyoto City】Information about COVID-19 (Japanese only)

【Kyoto City】List of frequent asked questions and contacts regarding COVID-19 for foreign residents in Kyoto

【The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto】Special site about COVID-19 (Japanese only)



Reference: Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Homepage regarding COVID-19


■Financial supports due to COVID-19 outbreak

【Government of Japan】Overview of a special fixed benefit project for COVID-19
In connection with the prevention of COVID-19, a special fixed benefit project will be implemented with the aim of supporting households quickly and accurately with a simple procedure.
Foreign residents living in Japan who are recorded in the Basic Resident Registration System are also eligible.

<Overview of the project>(Japanese Only)

<Guide to the Special Cash Payments>

<Web portal for the special fixed benefit project> (Japanese only)

<Multilingual information regarding the project by NHK News>

◎Criteria and Procedure◎
〇All residents of Japan who are recorded in the Basic Resident Register as at April 27th 2020, are eligible as a recipient of the benefit. Upon submitting an application 100,000 yen per recipient will be paid out.
〇The application should be made by the householder by regular mail (or online if the person has their own “My Number Card”). The application form will be mailed from the municipality to the householder’s address. In principle, a bank account to receive the payment should be under the name of the applicant.
〇The start date of application acceptance as well as each payment will be determined by the municipality. The application deadline will be set within 3 months from the start date of application acceptance of the mail application procedure.

<Kyoto City:The Special Fixed Benefit Payment> (Japanese only)

<Kyoto City:Hotline for the Special Benefit Payment> (Multilingual)
Operating Hours: Weekday 9am-8pm, Weekend and Holiday 9am-6pm
TEL: 0570-074-428
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Nepali, Filipino, Indonesian, Spanish, Hindi, Thai, French, Russian

<How to fill in the application form for the special fixed benefit-video> (Multilingual)
Reference from ORJ×soeasy


【Government of Japan】Emergency aid for students to continue their education
This is a cash handout project for students struggling financially to pay for tuition to pursue their education or living costs amid the spread of COVID-19.
Students from low-income households exempt from residence tax will receive ¥200,000 each, and others ¥100,000.  Students, which includes students from overseas, at universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, vocational schools, Japanese language schools and other institutions in Japan are eligible to apply.
There are detailed qualifying conditions for receiving the benefit.  For more information, inquiries, and application, please contact your school.

<Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Emergency aid for students in Japan> (Japanese)

< Application Guide for the Student Emergency Aid> (Japanese)

<Multilingual information regarding the project by NHK News> (English)


【Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare】Temporary Loan Emergency Funds for COVID-19
A special loan for people who are struggling for their living expenses due to COVID-19 resulting in absence from work or unemployment. International students can also be eligible for the loan, but there are detailed requirements. Please consult your local social welfare council first to see if you are eligible.

<MHLW’s leaflet data for the temporary loan> (English)
※Please consult with the social welfare council in your area.
Kyoto Prefectural Council of Social Welfare’s website for the temporary loan (Japanese only)


■Multilingual Consulting Service

【Kyoto Prefectural International Center】Daily Life Consultation
Telephone Consultation: Available in 20 languages including Japanese
Email Consultation: Available in Japanese and English