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Living in Kyoto! Kyoto Housing Search Made Easy

Never fear—search by school instead!

First things first: you’re probably going to want to live close to your school. As a “City of Universities,” the area around Kyoto’s universities is very student-friendly. In both the outskirts and the city center, the areas near schools are often full of low-priced bars and eateries, and many students choose to live in these convenient locations.

Check out the site’s School List search function, and enter your school’s name in the search box. Schools with multiple campuses will allow you to select yours, and view a list of nearby apartments open to students.

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Monthly & Weekly Apartments

For students who will study in Kyoto for less than a year, there is also an option for short-term contracts: choose “Only a fixed period rented house” under “Contract confirmation.”

Short-term rentals are typically available at lower entry costs than regular apartments, and also require less paperwork for moving out. Some short-term rentals operate like guest houses, with shared kitchens and living spaces, which can also be a great option for making new friends in a new city!

Get started on your housing search, and find the perfect home for your time in Japan!