Kyoto Styudy

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Private:Kyoto Tachibana University

University, Post-Graduate Schools

Live in Kyoto, learn at Kyoto Tachibana University.
At Kyoto Tachibana University you can study a wide range of disciplines while experiencing the allure of Kyoto culture. The ability to mingle with students of other universities is sure to provide a more affluent and cherished learning experience that can only be found in a student town such as Kyoto.

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Undergraduate academic areas Literature, Education, Business Administration, Nursing, Healthcare
Post-graduate academic areas Literature, Policy Studies, Nursing
Appealing points Vibrant exchange between international students and Japanese students, Rich cultural experience, Vibrant club and group activities
Enrolment period April
Overseas study expenses
Facilities, living conditions
Student dormitory, rental housing  
Scholarship, tuition fee exemption
Support for Muslim students  
Short-term programs  
Special university course for international students  
Undergraduate degrees offered in English
Post-graduate degrees offered in English
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