Kyoto Styudy

For those considering study abroad in Kyoto For international students in Kyoto

School details

Private Heian Jogakuin (St.Agnes’) University

Acceptable degrees: Bachelor’s degree

8 international students from China are currently enrolled at Heian Jogakuin. The Chinese-born faculty members and staff at the school ensure that international students from China receive the necessary support, including general living support. Heian Jogakuin, with its campus located next to the Imperial Palace in the tourist city of Kyoto, is the perfect environment for women to study about tourism.

  • Scholarship

Basic information

Enrolment period April
Entrance qualifications ・Japan Language Proficiency Test:Above N2
Enrollment fee 125,000 yen~250,000 yen
Tuition (for humanity) per year 784,000 yen~980,000 yen
University details
Tourism Studies Tourism Studies