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Private:Bukkyo University

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Bukkyo University was established with the idea of a school for nurturing the Buddhist spirit, with the teachings of Honen Shonin, founder of the Pure Land Sect (Jodo-shu) in the Kamakura period as the cornerstone. This university celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, and is currently home to seven departments with 14 courses of study, and four graduate courses with seven specialties. With approximately 6,700 undergraduate and graduate students, our comprehensive university greets each day with our philosophy of studying people. We sincerely look forward to greeting willing and eager international students.

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Undergraduate academic areas Literature, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Education, Social Studies, Social Welfare, Nursing, Healthcare
Post-graduate academic areas Literature, Education, Social Studies, Social Welfare
Appealing points Vibrant exchange between international students and Japanese students, Rich cultural experience, Wide range of research in Buddhist, history, education, or social welfare studies
Enrolment period April
Overseas study expenses 1,100,000~1,150,000yen per year ※ It varies depending on the faculty
Facilities, living conditions
Student dormitory, rental housing
Scholarship, tuition fee exemption
Support for Muslim students  
Short-term programs  
Special university course for international students  
Undergraduate degrees offered in English
Post-graduate degrees offered in English
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