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I am now beginning my own project, which focuses on the theme of regenerative medicine.

Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University

Julia Junghof (From Germany)

※Interview in 2016

How did you choose the school where you would be studying?

The biggest reason was the location of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application at Kyoto
University (CiRA). I graduated from the faculty of medicine and the faculty of mathematics and natural
science at the University of Bonn in Germany. It was in that ve ry year that Professor Shinya Yamanaka
won his Nobel Prize. This is when I felt that I really wanted t o do research on iPS cells at the
world-famous CiRA. While I was at the University of Bonn, I studied at Kyoto University as an exchange
student for a year. From that time on, I really came to love th e traditional culture of Kyoto such as
Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement and Japanese traditional dancing. This also played a role in
my decision.

What kind of study are you involved with at CiRA?

Beginning this spring, I have been working as a research worker at the Center for iPS Cell Research and
Application in Kyoto University. iPS cells offer many kinds of functions and possibilities. I’m interested in
the differentiation and transplant of heart cells. This is why I am working to support the research activities
in the regenerative medicine research laboratory, under my instructors and senior researchers. Although
now is a time of preparation, this summer I will begin my own p roject focusing on the theme of
regenerative medicine. I’ve really been looking forward to this, so it’s very exciting.

What things have you been glad about or felt moved by, in regard to coming to study in Kyoto?

There’s a shared space in the research laboratory called “Open Lab”. The floor is an open space, where
researchers can freely communicate with each other. It’s very c omfortable. When I go there I feel glad
that I came to study at CiRA.

How do you want to use your experience studying in Japan in the future?

For now, my goal is to enter Graduate School of Medicine at Kyo to University next year, and earn my
doctor’s degree by doing iPS cell-related research. This is wha t I’m studying for now. After I finish
graduate school, I’d like to return to Europe where I will continue my research on iPS cells at a research
facility run by a university or by a private company. I want to serve people. When I was seven years old, I
wanted to become a doctor. Although my dream now is to become a researcher in regenerative medicine,
through my interest in iPS cells I work towards my dream to contribute to society through medicine.

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