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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol 10 has been released!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. X

How will you spend your summers in Kyoto? We have information on how to enter World Heritage Sites and the Kyoto Manga Museum for free, as well as job opportunities in Japan, from “OB visits” to learn more about Japanese companies, to teaching English on the JET Programme, and more.

All About Japan’s “OB Houmon”: a How-to Guide for International Students Job-Hunting in Kyoto
“OB Visits” are an essential part of job-hunting in Japan. We’ve compiled advice, email templates, and other helpful information just for international students–have a look, and get started on your job search in Japan.
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Free Entry to Kyoto’s Museums & Heritage Sites? For Kyoto’s International Students, yes!
Did you know that Kyoto international students can enter Kyoto facilities, like the Manga Museum, for free? Read on to find out how!
World Heritage sites and more, too!

After Study Abroad: the JET Programme, and Teaching in Japan
International students have many options open to them after graduation, whether they want to avoid Japanese office culture, or just try out something different for a while. One alternative is teaching English in Japanese schools. The largest such program is the government’s JET Programme. A former participant will tell you all about it!
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And more job-hunting support! Study Kyoto has launched a new project: Beyond Study Kyoto (website is Japanese only)!
Created specifically for international students looking for work in Kyoto, Beyond Study Kyoto compiles information on events in which foreign students can speak to company representatives, practice interviewing skills, and other job-hunting-related events.