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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol 34 is out!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. 34

Hello, this is Study Kyoto!
In our Study Kyoto Newsletter, we share a variety of useful info about studying abroad in the city of Kyoto!
In this issue, we’re bringing you info on Kyoto’s events and festivals throughout the seasons, and great advice on how to make Japanese friends!
Plus, a student in the midst of job hunting shares the little known details on small-medium-sized companies, and we hear about how international students succeed at job hunting – this issue is packed with helpful info to expand your Japan job hunting knowledge. Don’t miss it!


Let’s Make Japanese Friends to Have the Best Study Abroad Experience!

How can you make Japanese friends? Even if you don’t have many opportunities to meet Japanese people, don’t worry. In this article, we’ve got you covered with this guide on activities and places to find local friends in Kyoto.
*This article is available in multiple languages: Japanese and Simplified Chinese.


Experience Kyoto Throughout the Seasons on Study Abroad

Over the course of a year, Kyoto is host to an array of events and festivals throughout the seasons. This article gives students an overview of Kyoto’s biggest events and festivals. Take a look to find out more!
*This article is available in Japanese and English.

My Experience Job Hunting in Japan : Graduating as a Humanities Major in Spring 2024

Here from older students about what they’d do again, and what they’d skip when it comes to job hunting. This student offers advice based on their real-life experience, so be sure to check it out for your own job search!
*This article is available in multiple languages, including JapaneseEnglish, and Simplified Chinese.


Small and mid-sized Kyoto companies that deal with Japanese culture

What are the merits of working for a smaller company? By understanding them, you can expand your job hunting options. What’s more, we’ll take a look at some wonderful small-to-mid-sized Kyoto companies that work with Japanese culture, including games, ryokan inns, traditional sweets, and more!
*This article is available in both Japanese and English.