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The people are kind, and help me out so much in my everyday life.

Đại học Kyoto

Hyejin Namgung (đến từ Hàn Quốc)

※Tuyển chọn 2014

What is attractive about studying in Kyoto?

When I decided to study in Kyoto, it wasn’t like I said, “I like Kyoto, so I’ll go there.”
Actually I wanted to get into Kyoto University, and that’s why came to Kyoto.
But when I think about it now, I’m glad I was able to come to such a wonderful city as Kyoto.

How has your impression of Kyoto changed since coming here?

Before I came to Kyoto, to be honest, I didn’t know much about Kyoto as a city other than its historical side.
But when I actually came, l noticed that besides that it was also very beautiful, with an environment that’s easy to live in.
Another appealing thing about Kyoto, and this is probably something not limited to Kyoto alone, is that the people are kind, and help me out a lot in my daily life.

Message to students in your home country thinking about studying abroad.

Before I came to study in Japan, people were worried about me because, historically and politically Korea and Japan aren’t exactly friendly.
But when I actually came didn’t feel that at all, and in fact, when told people I was from Korea, they gave me an enthusiastic welcome and took a kind interest in me.
So I want to tell everyone that it’s totally OK.
Also I want to tell everyone that they should come to Kyoto, which is a particularly lovely city.

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