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It’s fascinating to see how Kyoto companies are managed.

Doshisha University


※Interview in 2016

How did you choose the school where you would be studying?

When I was young, my father talked about how Japan’s economy is well-developed,
and how Japan is such an excellent country in a cultural sense, which stirred my
interest. I resolved while I was in high school to go to Japan to study. I felt that while I
was there, I should be in Kyoto, the center of Japanese hi story and culture. While I
was in Tokyo, I studied at a Japanese school for two years; but I visited Kyoto several
times during that period. I discovered many wonderful things about Kyoto, including its
beautiful tourist spots and natural atmosphere. The fact that I was living in Tokyo
probably attracted me even more to Kyoto. The fact that Doshish a University’s MBA
program was completely in English also appealed to me.

What kind of things have you studied thus far?

As I had studied about banking and finances at the university in Vietnam, I wanted a
broad education in economics, so I have been studying at Doshis ha University
Graduate School of Business starting last year. In order to dee pen my understanding
of Japanese companies, I visited Shimadzu Corporation, Gekkeikan Sake Co., Ltd. and
so on. Here I’ve had the chance to listen to what the managemen t has to say. It’s
fascinating to see how Kyoto companies are managed, considering their long history.
The theme of my master’s thesis is “Laws of Etiquette in Japane se Companies”. I
intend to research the roles that interpersonal relationships a nd manners between
customers, senior employees, and colleagues within a company play.

How do you want to take advantage of your experience studying in Japan in the future?

My goal is to join one of the Japanese companies that are doing business in Vietnam.
Although I’ve thought about going back to Vietnam, I’d first lik e to gain a variety of
business experiences. There are many different Japanese companies that are now
doing business in Vietnam, such as automobiles, personal comput ers, manufacturers,
distribution, and service-related companies. I have a list of o ver 400 companies, and I
plan to apply to around ten of those for an internship. Even a small to medium-sized
business might be all right, if the company has a base in Vietnam.

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