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Volume 7 of Study Kyoto Newsletter has been released!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. VII

We’re not quite to sakura season in Kyoto, yet, but springtime in Japan means new beginnings: it’s the season for school graduations, and also the start of job hunting for many students. We shared a guideline of the job hunting system in Japan in a previous issue, but this time we wanted to speak to a real student about looking for a job in Japan! Check out this months’ new articles!

A Trip Through History: Visiting Kodai-ji Temple
With your free time in Kyoto, there are so many places you can visit! During the peak of fall’s most beautiful foliage, we visited historic Kodai-ji Temple with a student from Vietnam.
Back in time!

Playing Sports in a Japanese Club: Fencing
Clubs and sports are extremely popular in Japanese universities, and a great foundation for the friend groups of many students. This American student joined the fencing club at Doshisha University!
En garde!


My Japanese Job Hunting Experience
Hear it directly from the source: this French student at Ritsumeikan University told us all about his trials and tribulations during his year of job hunting in Japan. After that year, he’s got lots of advice for you–and a job in hand!
Hire me, too!

Enjoy Kyoto In-Depth with the City’s Free Paper!
The authors of “Enjoy Kyoto,” Kyoto’s free paper know the city best: they interview everyone from its traditional craftspeople to high tech manufacturers. You’ll find out things about Kyoto that might surprise you!
Dive into Kyoto!

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