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【2月6日、7日】オンライン日本留学フェア(タイ)に、Study Kyotoがブース出展!


JEDUCATION FAIR 2021(タイ日本留学フェア)に、Study Kyotoがブース出展します!大学・学生のまち京都の魅力を見つけにぜひお越しください!

Study Kyoto説明会: ※説明会はFBLiveでの動画配信となります。
2021年2月6日(土)12:30-13:30 (現地時間) / 14:30-15:30(日本時間)

個別相談会: ※予約制で1人20分となります。
2021年2月6日(土)11:00-16:00 (現地時間) / 13:00-18:00(日本時間)
2021年2月7日(日)11:00-16:00 (現地時間) / 13:00-18:00 (日本時間)

・JEDUCATION フェア公式ページ:
・Study Kyoto公式ホームページ:

Why don’t you find the charm of studying in Kyoto?

Study Kyoto will attend the JEDUCATION FAIR 2021 (Thailand-Japan Study Fair)! Please join and find the charm of Kyoto, as a city of “University Town” and “Student Town”!
If you are planning to study in Japan or Kyoto, please feel free to participate in our session or the individual consultation session, as we will provide you the detailed information online.
We are happy if you share this information with your friends who are interested in studying in Japan.

Study Kyoto Session: * The session will be broadcast on FBLive.
Saturday, February 6, 2021 12 : 30 -13 : 30 (local time in Bangkok)/14 : 30 -15 : 30 (JST)

Individual consultation: * 1 person 20 minutes by reservation only.
Saturday, February 6, 2021 11 : 00 -16 : 00 (local time in Bangkok)/13 : 00 -18 : 00 (JST)
Sunday, February 7, 2021 11 : 00 -16 : 00 (local time in Bangkok)/13 : 00 -18 : 00 (JST)

・Organizer: JEDUCATION
・JEDUCATION Fair Official Page:
・Application Form:
・Fair FB page:
・Participants: Thai students, parents, and school officials who are considering studying in Japan or Kyoto are welcome to participate.
・Study Kyoto official homepage: