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What's KyoTomorrow Academy?

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Funded Program from 2015-2019.

KyoTomorrow Academy is a community for international students in Kyoto to learn about and begin action for employment! In this community, international students can participate in various types of activities they wouldn’t find anywhere else, such as traditional cultural programs, workshops with companies, more sophisticated Japanese lessons, career seminars and internships. Moreover, KTA members have opportunities to interact with not only other international students but also executives from companies and Japanese students. KyoTomorrow Academy promises to help you get connected to Kyoto and makes your student life more fulfilling!

NEWS & EVENTS Infomation


【15名限定・参加費無料!】全3回シリーズ 留学生対象「キャリア形成のための日本語講座」のお知らせ

大学コンソーシアム京都 KyoTomorrow Academy事務局です。 KyoTomorrow Academyでは、「キャリア形成のための日本語講座」を 全3回シリーズで開講します。 就職活動中の人や、日本で就職を考 […]


【人気イベント「日本語で話そう!」10月開催のお知らせ (English follows)】

大学コンソーシアム京都 KyoTomorrow Academy事務局です。 私たちが企画する人気イベント「日本語で話そう!」開催のお知らせです。 今月も日本人学生と一緒に、日本語で様々なテーマについてお話しましょう♪ 各 […]


人気イベント「Welcome Session(ウェルカムセッション)」をこの秋学期も開催!

KTA会員の皆さん、京都での学校生活は楽しめていますか? 実は京都は「学生の街」といわれるほど学生が多いことでも有名なんです! そのため様々な地方、世界中から学生たちが京都に集まってきます。 毎年人気行事の「ウェルカムセ […]


人気イベント「日本語で話そう!」8月開催のお知らせ (English follows)

大学コンソーシアム京都 KyoTomorrow Academy事務局です。 私たちが企画する人気イベント「日本語で話そう!」開催のお知らせです。 今月も日本人学生と一緒に日本語で、様々なテーマについてお話しましょう♪ 各 […]

Program Outline

Career Fair

We have career fairs for international students such as "Career Fair in Tourism Industry" and "Career Fair with Kyoto Companies involved in International Businesses"

Cultural Experience

Learn about traditional industries and businesses by joining our cultural experience events.

Interact with companies in Kyoto

Get to know more about companies in Kyoto through company tours, workshops and networking events.

Japanese Language Support / Lessons

You can improve your Japanese by practicing, from casual conversation to business-level Japanese lessons.

How to join KyoTomorrow Academy

For those who wish to become a member of KyoTomorrow Academy, please register from following form.


International students who go to schools (University, Japanese Language School, Vocational School) in Kyoto

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14. For those who checked “Employment in Japan” in question 13, please rate your motivation to find a job in Japan on a scale from 1 to 5.
15. For those who checked “Employment in Japan” in question 13, please rate your motivation to find a job in Kyoto on a scale from 1 to 5.
16. Those who checked “Employment in Japan” in question 13, please state your desired industry.
17. (For only those who are currently job-hunting) ・Please choose which stage you are in.

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