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What's KyoTomorrow Academy?

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Funded Program in 2015-2019.

KyoTomorrow Academy is a community for international students in Kyoto to learn about and begin action for employment! In this community, international students can participate in various types of activities they wouldn’t find anywhere else such as traditional cultural programs, workshops with companies, more sophisticated Japanese lessons, career seminars and internship. Moreover, KTA members have opportunities to interact with not only other international students but also executives from companies and Japanese students. KyoTomorrow Academy promises to help you get connected to Kyoto and makes your student life more fulfilling!




新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大の予防と関連して、「新しい生活スタイル」における熱中症予防行動のポイントについて、京都市からのお知らせです。 —————&#8212 […]

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has ended


【留学生スタディ京都ネットワークより「留学生PRチームメンバー募集(インドネシア)」のおしらせ】~Call for a new Indonesian member of “Kyoto Student Promotion Team” in Study Kyoto~

留学生スタディ京都ネットワーク「留学生PRチームメンバー募集(インドネシア)」のおしらせ(6/9付)~Call for a new Indonesian member of “Kyoto Student Promotio […]



新型コロナウイルス感染症に関して,京都市からのお知らせです。 ———————————&# […]



※本プログラムの参加申込は6/19で締め切りました。 京都で学ぶ留学生の皆さん、こんにちは。 KyoTomorrow Academyでは、7月にオンラインで「日本語力改善セミナー」を全2回シリーズで開講します。中上級者向 […]

Program Outline

Career Fair

We have career fair for international students such as "Career Fair in Tourism Industry" and "Career Fair with Kyoto Companies involved in International Businesses

Cultural Experience

Learning about traditional industry and companies' business by joining our cultural experience events.

Get in touch with companies in Kyoto

Getting to know more about companies in Kyoto through company tours, workshops and net-working events.

Japanese Support

You can improve your Japanese by practicing from casual conversation to business-level Japanese.

How to join KyoTomorrow Academy

For those who wish to become a member of KyoTomorrow Academy, please register from following form.


International students who go to schools (University, Japanese Language School, Vocational School) in Kyoto

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14. For those who checked “Employment in Japan” in question 13, please rate your willingness of finding a job into 5 grade.
15. For those who checked “Employment in Japan” in question 13, please rate your willingness of finding a job in Kyoto into 5 grade.
16. Those who checked “Employment in Japan” in question 13, please state your desired type of industry.
17. (For only those who are currently job-hunting)
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