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จดหมายข่าว Study Kyoto ฉบับที่ 30!


Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. 30

In this issue, you’ll find info about living on your own in Kyoto, part-time jobs for students, and how to get a head start in your job hunt in Japan.

No More Worries: A Guide to Living on Your Own
Find out the pluses and minuses of living on your own in Kyoto from someone who’s done it: an international student from China! In this article, she’ll explain what to expect from renting an apartment by yourself, and share some tips for how to get started finding a place and renting.
*This article is currently available in JapaneseSimplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Part-Time Work for International Students: How to Prepare & What to Watch Out For
Want to make some extra cash while you study abroad? Want to try practicing your Japanese outside of school? First you’ll need to find a job, and this article features advice from a Vietnamese student in Kyoto who’s got the experience. Learn how to search for jobs, what to prepare, and find advice for interviews, and more!
*This article is currently available in JapaneseSimplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Get a Headstart: Prepare Early for Job Hunting in Japan
There’s a lot of information out there about job hunting in Japan (you can find a lot on the Study Kyoto website!), and it might feel overwhelming. In this student-written guide, find out what you can get started on in advance if you want to start a career in Japan after you graduate.
*This article is currently available in JapaneseSimplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.