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How to withdraw and transfer Money

Here we explain how to use a cash card for depositing and withdrawing money in Japan and how to receive money from and send money to your home country.

Using cash cards (ATM)

Deposits and withdrawals of money can be made easily. The PIN (4-digit number) that was set when you opened your account will be required, so be sure to memorize it. There are also ATMs in convenience stores. ATM service hours vary by bank and post office, so be sure to check the service hours for the account you open. If your overseas credit card bears a Visa, Plus, MasterCard, Cirrus and Union Pay mark, you may able to withdraw money from the ATM.

How to send money overseas

●At a bank

  • □ The bank and branch name of the account you are sending money to
  • □ Type of account
  • □ Account number
  • □ Address
  • □ Name
  • □ Telephone number

※Conversely, when you are the one receiving the remittance, please provide the above information to the other party

●At a post office

<International Postal Money Order>

  • 1. When sending to the other party's address
    The money order is sent by airmail. The other party can receive the money from a local post office in exchange for the money order.
  • 2.When sending to the other party's account
    The money is paid into the other party's post office savings transfer account. The fee will be cheaper than when sending to the other party's postal address.

<International Postal Bank Transfer>

This can only be used in cases when the person sending the money and the person receiving the money both have post office savings transfer accounts. There are countries where money cannot be remitted to. Please also be aware that the number of days required for the transaction vary depending on the country.