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Final Procedures before leaving Kyoto

Here we describe the procedures to complete before returning to your home country after finishing life in Japan. Please check the various moving-out and cancellation procedures.

Vacating your housing

If you are residing in university accommodation, please notify your school when you have decided your moving-out date. If you are residing in an apartment or condominium, please notify your landlord and the management company one or two months prior to your moving-out date. You will also need to contact each utilities company to have them suspend gas, electricity and water services and settle any bills. Clean your room thoroughly before moving out and have it inspected by the landlord and management company on the moving-out date. You may have to pay repair costs and a cleaning fee depending on the condition in which you have left the room and the content of your lease agreement.

Disposal of unwanted items

The method of disposing of garbage differs in each Kyoto municipality. Please check "How to Dispose of Garbage"

See how to dispose of garbage in more detail

Various cancellation procedures, etc.

Bank account closure procedures

Please bring your passbook and cash card to each bank and close your accounts before leaving Japan.

Mobile phone cancellation procedures

Please cancel your mobile phone contract at the mobile phone carrier or distributor.

National Health Insurance cancellation procedures

Return your health insurance card and pay any unpaid insurance premiums.

Notification of move abroad

Bring your passport and Residence Card to the city hall and complete moving-out procedures.

Return your Residence Card

Return your Residence Card to the immigration officer at the airport when leaving Japan. If you have the Re-entry Permit (including the Special Re-entry Permit), you do not need to return your Residence Card when leaving Japan.