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Medical Emergencies

The following provides information about what to do if, during your time in Kyoto, you become sick or injured, or run into unexpected trouble.

Medical care

Medical products to treat illnesses can be purchased at pharmacies. You will need to present your insurance card when visiting a hospital with an illness or injury will reduce the amount of money that you will pay in the hospital. Doctors’ hours vary with the hospital, but most generally see patients in the morning on weekdays and are not available on Sundays and holidays. Prescription medicines can be purchased at pharmacies after getting a prescription from the hospital.

●In emergencies

In emergencies Dial119 to call an ambulance.

●List of acute care hospitals

  • □ Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine: 075-251-5111
  • □ Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daini Hospital: 075-231-5171
  • □ Kyoto University Hospital: 075-751-3111
  • □ Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daiichi Hospital: 075-561-1121
  • □ National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center: 075-641-9161
  • □ Otokoyama Hospital: 075-983-0001
  • □ Meiji University of Integrative Medicine: 0771-72-1221

The hospitals listed above are some examples of emergency hospitals.
Click herefor more information on hospitals.

●Hospitals with English-speaking staff

The Kyoto City International Foundation's website provides information about hospitals that have English-speaking staff or that provide volunteer-based interpreting.
»When in trouble

Refer to STUDYKYOTO MAGAZINEs as well!

Police box system

Found throughout the city, police boxes have police officers that are on duty at all times. If you run into trouble including having something lost or stolen, or being involved in a crime, head to the nearest police box and explain the situation. If no police officers are present in the police box, contact the Kyoto prefectural police department.

●In emergencies

Dial 110 to report something to the police.

  • *Staff are on call 24 hours a day to handle emergencies. Calls are toll-free. When calling, stay calm and provide the following information.
    (1) What happened (was it an incident, accident, sudden illness, fire, etc.)
    (2) Where you are now (address or landmark)
    (3) Your name and telephone number*When you hear the ambulance or fire engine's siren, go outside to signal them.
  • *When you hear the ambulance or fire engine's siren, go outside to signal them.
  • *When calling an emergency number from a public phone, push the red emergency call button and then dial 110 or 119. If using a digital public phone, just pick up the receiver and dial.
  • *When calling an emergency number from a mobile phone, always give the operator your phone number. The police or firefighting command center may need to call you back for information about incident location and circumstances. After calling, keep your phone on and remain where you are.
  • *If you are driving, please pull over before calling.

If you get into a car accident

Do the following if you get into a car accident.

●If the other driver is at fault

Notify the police immediately. Failure to notify the police of an accident may prevent you from getting a traffic accident certificate needed to make an insurance claim. Get the following information about the person who was driving and the owner of the vehicle (if the owner of the vehicle was not driving): address, name, license plate number, effective insurance start date, and insurance company. See a doctor, even if you feel your injuries are minor.

●If you are at fault

If you get into a bicycle or car accident, always notify the police. If the other person is injured, administer first aid and call an ambulance. Attend to any possible road dangers.

●If you run into other trouble

If you run into trouble in daily life, you can consult with your school's international student department or get help through the following consultation services.
»An international student coordinator through the International Student Study Kyoto Network
»Foreign Residents Consultation desk
»Kyoto City International Foundation
»International Community Club