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Whatever it is you’re searching for, you can find it in Kyoto.

Kyoto University

Matthew T. Kamiyama (จาก USA)

※บทสัมภาษณ์ ของปี 2022

How did you decide where to study abroad? Please tell us why you chose Kyoto in the end.

I felt like I could learn a lot by studying abroad in Kyoto, both culturally and academically. I applied for an international scholarship through a professor at Kyoto University and my application was selected. I’ve heard Kyoto University is a prestigious school so I thought it would be a good opportunity.


What are you currently studying? If you’ve already graduated, what did you study before?

I am a Ph.D student studying invasive species in an insect ecology lab at Kyoto University. My research focuses on a species of stink bug native to Japan which has invaded different regions of the world, including America. The stink bug has been causing major agricultural damage in areas of invasion. I am looking for natural means of controlling the pest.

Before studying abroad, what kind of image did you have of Kyoto?

I imagined Kyoto as a very traditional and old-fashioned town. Quiet and peaceful, maple leaves in the fall and cherry blossoms in the spring.

How did your image of Kyoto change when you actually studied abroad here?

Although Kyoto does have deep historical roots, the city is also very modern with the hustle and bustle of any major city. It has a nice blend of traditional and contemporary. It also seems like there’s always something going on whether it be a local festival or city-wide event. Setsubun is my favorite festival- check out Setsubun if you are ever in Kyoto in February! My record is 18 bean packets caught.

What were you nervous about before studying abroad? Please tell us in detail.

From what I remember, I was more excited than nervous. Really the only thing that worried me was adapting to the culture in Japan. I heard the work place can be very strict and serious, so I was concerned about adapting to the work culture with my personality.


What about Kyoto makes you glad to have come here? What has made an impression on you?

I’m glad to have experienced as much as I have in Kyoto. I faced a lot of challenges and adversity during my time here, but as a result I experienced significant personal growth. Also, I’m glad I was able to find a baseball team to play on in Kyoto.

Aside from that, I’m amazed at how clean and safe it is here. There are no trashcans anywhere, yet there is no trash. Still trying to wrap my head around that.

Was there anything especially difficult about studying abroad?

The most difficult part about studying abroad in Japan was trying to communicate with only a very basic understanding of the language. However, living in Japan and being exposed to Japanese every day helps you learn quick. Going to the post office or hospital can be difficult at first, but people are typically friendly and willing to help if needed. Kyoto is also surprisingly navigable. I have a terrible sense of direction but hardly get lost anymore.

What do you think is most appealing about studying in Kyoto?

I think the most appealing part of Kyoto is its allure. Everything about Kyoto has its own beauty- the scenery, the food, the architecture, the nature, and the people.

How do you want to utilize your study abroad experience in the future?

I had the rare opportunity to study an invasive insect in its native region where it behaves differently than in other settings. I hope to apply this knowledge to future research projects.

What is your post-graduation dream?

Career-wise, I want to get a job in Japan where I can collaborate with institutions globally. I think there is a lot of important knowledge that can be shared between Japan to other countries.

Personally, I want to travel across the whole country of Japan and make a nature documentary on all the different animals I encounter. But that will probably have to wait until after retirement.

Lastly, please give a message to students considering studying abroad in Kyoto.

Whatever it is you’re searching for, you can find it in Kyoto.