Kyoto Styudy

สำหรับผู้ที่สนใจมาศึกษาต่อที่ญี่ปุุ่น สำหรับนักศึกษาต่างชาติในเกียวโต



I want to apply the Japanese study system in my home country

Kyoto University

Dianti Farhana Kamasela (จาก Indonesia)

※บทสัมภาษณ์ ของปี 2021

How did you decide where to study abroad? Please tell us why you chose Kyoto in the end.

First, I reviewed many countries and their lifestyles. I decided to do a double degree in Kyoto since I thought that if I’m going to study an environmental subject, I need to go to a country with good environmental management.

What are you currently studying? If you’ve already graduated, what did you study before?

I graduated from Kyoto University and I am planning to continue my Ph.D. studies in October 2021. I study environmental engineering and management.

Before studying abroad, what kind of image did you have of Kyoto?

I didn’t have any specific image, I just thought Kyoto was like the rest of Japan.

How did your image of Kyoto change when you actually studied abroad here?

Kyoto is a small, busy but calming city. Besides its metropolitan side, some parts of it feel like a cozy village.

I hope Kyoto will always be Kyoto, never changing. That way, when my grandchildren come here to study, they will have the same feeling I did.

What were you nervous about before studying abroad? Please tell us in detail.

Since I am a Muslim, I thought people would be rude to me, that it would be difficult for me to find halal food, a place I could pray, etc… There were tons of questions on my mind that made me so nervous at the beginning.

Also in the case of Japan specifically, a country with many strict rules, I thought I needed to be careful about what I do… Like, I worried that I would be watched all the time, CCTV everywhere, that kind of thing. Hehe

What about Kyoto makes you glad to have come here? What has made an impression on you?

After came to know Kyoto, its people, its food, its nature, its weather, its business and calming lifestyle, I did fall in love with it. I am not sure why everything here makes me happy. Japan’s strict rules were actually not that bad. I was able to follow them, and I think they are what makes me feel safe here. The rules are not so strict anyway, and I prefer to say that we should all respect them.

There are a lot of things that are addictive about Kyoto. Once you’ve come here and fallen in love, you will find a way to come back. And that is what I did.

I am also really blessed that Kyoto is Muslim-friendly: people respect me, they care about Muslim stuff and everything. Halal food options are still limited, but, I can make it myself. I’m also relieved to find that many Japanese are vegetarians and their food is totally tasty.

Was there anything especially difficult about studying abroad?

Studying abroad is not difficult but it isn’t easy either.

Since the Japanese school system is well-structured, I don’t have any difficulties studying. I just need to concern myself with my lessons.

What do you think is most appealing about studying in Kyoto?

Its nature for sure. How is it that watching rivers flow can be better that watching the best Netflix movie? Haha! The birds feeding their babies, the fish swim against the flow and swim in a funny way. I am really into all of it.

Mountains have pink colors in cherry blossom season, and transform into 3 colors in autumn.

I want to say Kyoto is kind of really smart in managing its nature.

How do you want to utilize your study abroad experience in the future?

If I can become a lecturer in my home country, I want to apply the Japanese study system there. Indonesian children actually have tons of dreams, but unfortunately, the wrong system can destroy them. I don’t want that to happen.

What is your post-graduation dream?

I hope I can experience married life here first, although it may be bittersweet.

Enjoying the beauty of Kyoto by myself is unforgettable, but spending time here with my own family would be priceless, having independent boys and girls, just like Japanese kids.

I am always amazed when cute Japanese kids using the bus/train by themselves.

I think that is so clever.

Lastly, please give a message to students considering studying abroad in Kyoto.

Kyoto weather always makes you lazy, like you want to stay in bed all the time.

But I promise you, you need to explore Kyoto.

Do not study all the time, but you also need to know your job as a student.

In my experience, as long as you progress, it is good. You will not face any problems during your study in Kyoto.