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Study Kyoto Newsletter Vol. XXVI

The Four Great Mistakes Made During Job Hunting
Japan’s unique job-hunting system needs a unique approach. This American student just successfully completed her job hunt in Japan: see her recommendations on what not to do when job hunting in Japan! Read here!

仲間の留学生を撮り続ける写真家のたまご ~中国人留学生・湯 澤洋 さん インタビュー
This is an interview perfect for young, aspiring artists! Hear about the journey of this young Chinese student in Kyoto as he makes his way towards becoming a photographer.  (Japanese/Simplified Chinese only)

COVID-19 has affected life globally, but in many ways it’s been particularly hard on students. In this article, a Taiwanese student tells us about his first-hand experience after Japan’s State of Emergency, online classes, and more. (Japanese/Traditional Chinese/Korean only)

Financing your studies is something that all students worry about, and this article offers first-hand advice from a peer! Many students want a scholarship, and this Korean student explains how he was able to secure one, and some advice for how you can, too! (Japanese/Traditional Chinese/Korean only)