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In general, job hunting in Japan is carried out before graduation, and employment is decided before graduation. It is necessary to know the job hunting schedule in advance.

Finding employment in Kyoto

For your job hunting, learn from the experiences of people who actually studied and successfully got a job in Kyoto after graduation.



En-masse recruitment is common in Japan. The timing of this selection is from June. The official timing for provisional job offers is October; however, this only applies to Keidanren-affiliated companies and their subsidiaries, and there are also exceptions among these affiliated companies, so it is necessary to confirm on an individual basis.

March -
Entry begins
March to June
Company Briefings/Seminars
June to September
Recruitment starts(interviews and testing)
Provisional job offers

How to go about job hunting

When job hunting, it is essential to collect information. The following five methods are common in Japan.

Using your school’s careers department
Every school has a careers department. You can drop by there if you have any questions about employment or if you wish to look something up.
Taking advantage of employment information magazines
The Government and various organizations publish a large amount of information regarding employment for international students, so make good use of it when starting you job hunting.
Using service centers
In Kyoto, there are services that support the job-hunting activities of international students.
By all means take advantage of them.
Using the Internet

"There is a lot of information on companies and seminars posted on the Internet.
In most cases you can also apply to attend briefings, etc., online.

Participation in the Joint Briefings and Seminar
You can come into contact with many companies, so you should actively participate in such events.

Employment support system

In Kyoto, we strongly support the employment for international students
There many things to support international students employements such as job hunting events, paid internship and matching service with companies.

"For international students thinking about employment in Kyoto International student employment information portal site Beyond Study Kyoto

In Kyoto, not only schools but government institutions (Kyoto prefecture, Kyoto city), economic organizations, and private enterprises support international students concerning employment at “ALL KYOTO”. At this site, international students considering employment can find information concerning the latest employment support services and event information. All services and events listed on these pages are offered free of charge.

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International Student Support Community KyoTomorrowAcademy

KyoTomorrowAcademy=KTA is a community for international students who are studying in Kyoto.
In this community,there will be lots of opportunities to improve Japanese skills and also to get to know about Japanese companies through many interactive activities!

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Study Kyoto’s Internship Program for International Students

The International Student Study Kyoto network offers opportunities for international students to experience real work experience at Kyoto companies. It is continually working to support students’ understanding of Japanese work life and their search for employment and other activities in Japan. Through our Internship Program, the participating students work as an intern at a company during their school summer break. (Both paid and unpaid programs are available.)

Kyoto prefecture “Kyoto Job Park”

It provides a service where, in order to promote the activities of human resources from overseas in the prefecture, specialist counselors provide counseling, carefully addressing the concerns and questions international students have regarding finding employment.

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