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How Satisfied are Kyoto’s International Students with their Experience?

Why Students Chose Kyoto

Perhaps one of the most pressing questions was why students ultimately chose Kyoto for their study abroad destination.

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Once again, we found that the number one reason students were drawn to Kyoto was its traditional culture and history. The second most popular answer was the choice of a particular school students wanted to attend, or a professor they wanted to learn from.

Satisfaction with Student Life, and Recommendations to Friends

So, how do students actually feel about their day-to-day life as students in Kyoto?

Looking at the results, around 80 percent of respondents told us that they felt satisfied with their student life.


The same 80 percent of international students responded that they would recommend studying abroad in Kyoto to a friend.


Questions to Tackle Next

With the many survey responses we received, Study Kyoto has a better sense of the issues we need to address next in order to improve the study abroad experiences of students in Kyoto.

Particularly in regards to interaction with local Japanese students, housing, and job hunting, there are still areas in which international students don’t receive enough support and information. To help fill in these gaps, Study Kyoto plans to provide better support, and even more detailed information in the future.

Some of the topics addressed in the satisfaction survey have been discussed in past articles in Study Kyoto Magazine. If you find them useful, please share them with friends on Facebook and elsewhere!

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Stay tuned for even more information on this “City of Students” from Study Kyoto! We hope it will be helpful to those of you hoping to study abroad in Japan, and those of you who are already here.